The MAGUK family protein CARD11 is essential for lymphocyte activation.

  title={The MAGUK family protein CARD11 is essential for lymphocyte activation.},
  author={Hiromitsu Hara and Teiji Wada and Chris Bakal and Ivona Kozieradzki and Shinobu Suzuki and Nobutaka Suzuki and Mai Nghiem and Emily K. Griffiths and Connie J. Krawczyk and Birgit Bauer and Fulvio D'Acquisto and Sankar Ghosh and W. C. Yeh and Gottfried Baier and Robert Rottapel and Josef M. Penninger},
  volume={18 6},
Members of the MAGUK family proteins cluster receptors and intracellular signaling molecules at the neuronal synapse. We report that genetic inactivation of the MAGUK family protein CARD11/Carma1/Bimp3 results in a complete block in T and B cell immunity. CARD11 is essential for antigen receptor- and PKC-mediated proliferation and cytokine production in T and B cells due to a selective defect in JNK and NFkappaB activation. Moreover, B cell proliferation and JNK activation were impaired upon… CONTINUE READING


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