The Möbius function of the permutation pattern Poset

  title={The M{\"o}bius function of the permutation pattern Poset},
  author={E. Steingr{\'i}msson and Bridget Eileen Tenner},
  journal={The Journal of Combinatorics},
  • E. Steingrímsson, Bridget Eileen Tenner
  • Published 2009
  • Mathematics
  • The Journal of Combinatorics
  • A permutation \tau contains another permutation \sigma as a pattern if \tau has a subsequence whose elements are in the same order with respect to size as the elements in \sigma. This defines a partial order on the set of all permutations, and gives a graded poset P. We give a large class of pairs of permutations whose intervals in P have Mobius function 0. Also, we give a solution to the problem when \sigma occurs precisely once in \tau, and \sigma and \tau satisfy certain further conditions… CONTINUE READING

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