The Lyman α forest power spectrum from the XQ-100 legacy survey

  title={The Lyman $\alpha$ forest power spectrum from the XQ-100 legacy survey},
  author={Vid Irvsivc and M. Viel and T. Berg and V. D’Odorico and M. Haehnelt and S. Cristiani and G. Cupani and Tae-Sun Kim and S. L'opez and S. Ellison and G. Becker and L. Christensen and K. Denny and G. Worseck and J. Bolton},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We present the Lyman α flux power spectrum measurements of the XQ-100 sample of quasar spectra obtained in the context of the European Southern Observatory Large Programme ‘Quasars and their absorption lines: a legacy survey of the high redshift universe with VLT/XSHOOTER’. Using 100 quasar spectra with medium resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, we measure the power spectrum over a range of redshifts z = 3–4.2 and over a range of scales k = 0.003–0.06 km−1 s. The results agree well with the… Expand
The one-dimensional power spectrum from the SDSS DR14 Lyα forests
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Constraints on neutrino masses from Lyman-alpha forest power spectrum with BOSS and XQ-100
We present constraints on masses of active and sterile neutrinos in the context of the ΛCDMν and ΛWDM models, respectively. We use the one-dimensional Lyα-forest power spectrum from the BaryonExpand
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Using the redshift evolution of the Lyman-$\alpha$ effective opacity as a probe of dark matter models
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Probing Time-dependent Dark Energy with the Flux Power Spectrum of the Lyα Forest
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Cosmology from cosmic shear power spectra with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam first-year data
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Damped Lyman-α absorbers from Sloan digital sky survey DR16Q with Gaussian processes
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New Constraints on IGM Thermal Evolution from the Lyα Forest Power Spectrum
Author(s): Walther, M; Onorbe, J; Hennawi, JF; Lukic, Z | Abstract: © 2019. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. We determine the thermal evolution of the intergalactic mediumExpand
A New Precision Measurement of the Small-scale Line-of-sight Power Spectrum of the Lyα Forest
Author(s): Walther, M; Hennawi, JF; Hiss, H; Onorbe, J; Lee, KG; Rorai, A; O'Meara, J | Abstract: © 2017. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. We present a new measurement of theExpand


The power spectrum of the flux distribution in the Lyman α forest of a large sample of UVES QSO absorption spectra (LUQAS)
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Inferring the dark matter power spectrum from the Lyman α forest in high-resolution QSO absorption spectra
We use the LUQAS sample, a set of 27 high-resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio quasi-stellar object (QSO) absorption spectra at a median redshift of z = 2.25, and the data from Croft et al. at aExpand
A refined measurement of the mean transmitted flux in the Lyα forest over 2 < z < 5 using composite quasar spectra
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Toward a Precise Measurement of Matter Clustering: Lyα Forest Data at Redshifts 2-4
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