The Lyapunov stability of the N-soliton solutions in the Lax hierarchy of the Benjamin-Ono equation

  title={The Lyapunov stability of the N-soliton solutions in the Lax hierarchy of the Benjamin-Ono equation},
  author={Yoshimasa Matsuno},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
  • Y. Matsuno
  • Published 2 August 2006
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
The Lyapunov stability is established for the N-soliton solutions in the Lax hierarchy of the Benjamin-Ono (BO) equation. We characterize the N-soliton profiles as critical points of certain Lyapunov functional. By using several results derived by the inverse scattering transform of the BO equation, we demonstrate the convexity of the Lyapunov functional when evaluated at the N-soliton profiles. From this fact, we deduce that the N-soliton solutions are energetically stable. 
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