The Luminosity Function of Galaxies in SDSS Commissioning Data

  title={The Luminosity Function of Galaxies in SDSS Commissioning Data},
  author={Michael Blanton and Julianne J. Dalcanton and Daniel J. Eisenstein and Jon N. Loveday and Michael A. Strauss and Mark SubbaRao and David H. Weinberg and J. E. Anderson and James Annis and Neta A. Bahcall and Mariangela Bernardi and Jon Brinkmann and R. J. Brunner and Scott M. Burles and Larry Carey and Francisco Javier Castander and Andrew J. Connolly and Istv{\'a}n Csabai and Mamoru Doi and Douglas Finkbeiner and Scott D. Friedman and Joshua A. Frieman and Masataka Fukugita and James E. Gunn and G. S. Hennessy and Robert B. Hindsley and David W. Hogg and Takashi Ichikawa and Željko Ivezic̀ and Stephen W. Kent and Gillian R. Knapp and Donald Q. Lamb and R. French Leger and Daniel C. Long and Robert H. Lupton and Timothy A. McKay and Avery Meiksin and Aronne Merelli and Jeffrey A. Munn and Vijay K. Narayanan and Matt Newcomb and Robert C. Nichol and S. Okamura and Russell N. Owen and Jeffrey R. Pier and A. Pope and M. P. Postman and Thomas Quinn and Constance M. Rockosi and David J. Schlegel and Donald P. Schneider and Kazuhiro Shimasaku and Walter A. Siegmund and Stephen Smee and Yehuda Snir and Chris Stoughton and Christopher Stubbs and Alexander S. Szalay and Gyula P. Szokoly and Aniruddha R. Thakar and Christy A. Tremonti and Douglas L. Tucker and Alan Uomoto and Dan vanden Berk and Michael S. E. Vogeley and Patrick Waddell and Brian Yanny and Naoki Yasuda and Donald G. York}
In the course of its commissioning observations, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) has produced one of the largest redshift samples of galaxies selected from CCD images. Using 11,275 galaxies complete to r∗ = 17.6 over 140 square degrees, we compute the luminosity function of galaxies in the r∗ band over a range −23 < Mr∗ < −16 (for h = 1). The result is… CONTINUE READING