The Lower Limb and Mechanics of Walking in Australopithecus sediba

  title={The Lower Limb and Mechanics of Walking in Australopithecus sediba},
  author={J. DeSilva and K. Holt and S. Churchill and K. Carlson and C. Walker and B. Zipfel and L. Berger},
  • J. DeSilva, K. Holt, +4 authors L. Berger
  • Published 2013
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • The discovery of a relatively complete Australopithecus sediba adult female skeleton permits a detailed locomotor analysis in which joint systems can be integrated to form a comprehensive picture of gait kinematics in this late australopith. Here we describe the lower limb anatomy of Au. sediba and hypothesize that this species walked with a fully extended leg and with an inverted foot during the swing phase of bipedal walking. Initial contact of the lateral foot with the ground resulted in a… CONTINUE READING
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