The Low-Energy Telescope (LET) and SEP Central Electronics for the STEREO Mission

  title={The Low-Energy Telescope (LET) and SEP Central Electronics for the STEREO Mission},
  author={Richard A. Mewaldt and C. M. S. Cohen and Walter R. Cook and Alan C. Cummings and Andrew M. Davis and S. Geier and Branislav Kecman and James F. Klemic and Allan Wayne Labrador and Richard A. Leske and H Miyasaka and Viet-Hung Nguyen and Ryan C Ogliore and Edward C. Stone and Robert G. Radocinski and Mark E. Wiedenbeck and Josh Hawk and Stephen K. Shuman and Tycho T. von Rosenvinge and Kristin A. Wortman},
  journal={Space Science Reviews},
Abstract The Low-Energy Telescope (LET) is one of four sensors that make up the Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) instrument of the IMPACT investigation for NASA’s STEREO mission. The LET is designed to measure the elemental composition, energy spectra, angular distributions, and arrival times of H to Ni ions over the energy range from ∼3 to ∼30 MeV/nucleon. It will also identify the rare isotope 3He and trans-iron nuclei with 30≤Z≤83. The SEP measurements from the two STEREO spacecraft will be… CONTINUE READING


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