The Low Countries – 16th/17th Century

  title={The Low Countries – 16th/17th Century},
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Andreas Vesalius and Jan Baptist Van Helmont are the two major personalities who contributed substantially and in a different way to the early development of renal anatomy/physiology of the 16th/17th century in the Southern Low Countries. The importance of A. Vesalius’ publication ‘de humani corporis fabrica libri septem’ cannot be overestimated. The kidney was an intriguing organ to Vesalius, the function of which he could not fully grasp. J.B. Van Helmont was the first to demonstrate the… 
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  • The Kidney : Physiology and Pathophysiology ( 2 nd edition ) ; in
Reformer of Science and Medicine. Cambridge
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Reformer of Science and Medicine
  • 1982
Andreas Vesalii Bruxellensis , scholae medico - rum Patavinae professoris , de Humani corporis fabrica Libri septem . Basilea , ex officina Joannis Oporoni . Anno salutis reparatae 1543