The Lord of Noncontradiction: An Argument for God from Logic

  title={The Lord of Noncontradiction: An Argument for God from Logic},
  author={James N. Anderson and Greg Welty},
On the Role of Logic in Analytic Theology: Exploring the Wider Context of Beall’s Philosophy of Logic
  • A. Cotnoir
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Analytic Theology
  • 2019
What is the proper role of logic in analytic theology? This question is thrown into sharp relief when a basic logical principle is questioned, as in Beall’s ‘Christ – A Contradiction.’ Analytic
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James Anderson and Greg Welty have resurrected an argument for God’s existence (Anderson and Welty 2011 ), which we will call the argument from logic. We present three lines of response against the
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be subordinated. The fact that this question remains unanswered forces us to face the problem of plurality of logics. Usually, it is tacitly assumed that the role of “superlogic” is played by
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Arguments for theism have played a central role in the drama of philosophy. It wasn't until the 20th century that they were demoted from center stage to the peripheral role they now have. Their
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In this essay I analyze two emerging theistic accounts of the laws of logic, one precipitated by theistic conceptual realism and the other from an archetype-ectype paradigm in Reformed Scholasticism.
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A Defense of a Theistic Argument from the Law of Non-Contradiction
My thesis is that there is a defensible argument for the existence of God from the necessary existence of the Law of Non-Contradiction (LNC). James N. Anderson and Greg A. Welty (A&W) offer such an
The epistemology of divine conceptualism
Divine conceptualism takes all abstract objects to be propositions in the mind of God. I focus here on necessary propositions and contemporary claims that the laws of logic, understood as necessarily