The Long Shadow of the Congressof Vienna: From International Peaceto Domestic Disorders

  title={The Long Shadow of the Congressof Vienna: From International Peaceto Domestic Disorders},
  author={Stella Ghervas},
  journal={Journal of Modern European History},
  pages={458 - 463}
  • S. Ghervas
  • Published 1 November 2015
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Modern European History
JM EH 1 3 / 20 15 / 4 The question of how to obtain and maintain a state of peace in Europe has been at the fore of the political agenda for decades. Since World War II, there has been hope that an effective security policy might end the plight of war and violence and could eventually bring peace to the world. In particular, the Allies’ intention of creating a more «robust» international order than that of the League of Nations had led to the establishment of the UN Security Council with a… 
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Balance of Power vs. Perpetual Peace: Paradigms of European Order from Utrecht to Vienna, 1713–1815
ABSTRACT Over the course of the eighteenth century, two major models of European international order emerged as alternatives to universal monarchy: one was based on the balance of power; the other
On 29 November 1814, the Austrian Emperor Francis, the Russian Tsar Alexander, and the Prussian King Frederick Wilhelm, along with 6,000 others, attended a concert in Vienna's Redouten Hall;
Il dibattito in occasione dei 200 anni dal Congresso di Vienna: tra storia globale e teorie del moderno
I protagonisti del Congresso di Vienna non erano pacifisti, ma riuscirono a limitare il ricorso alla guerra. Essi non erano liberali, ma seppero essere realisti. Memori dell’esperienza rivoluzionaria
From the Balance of Power to a Balance of Diplomacy?
  • S. Ghervas
  • Political Science
    Securing Europe after Napoleon
  • 2019


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