The London Yearly Meeting and Quaker Administrative Innovation in an Atlantic Context

  title={The London Yearly Meeting and Quaker Administrative Innovation in an Atlantic Context},
  author={Jordan Landes},
The question of whether Quakerism was changed in the context of the early modern Atlantic can be approached by focusing on such themes as theology, commerce, abolitionism, and, more recently, creolisation.1 The various ways of looking at the history of the Society of Friends has left an interesting historiography. Significantly, Rosemary Moore’s recent look at the ‘second period’ of Quakerism has discussed the emergence of studies on local Friends and monthly meetings in the wake of William… 
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Recent works on abolitionists and other social activists include Bruce A. Bendler, “‘Love to Justice, and a Wish to Promote It’: The Politics of Slavery in New Jersey, 1770–1775,” New Jersey Studies:


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