The Location of the Holy House of Herod's Temple: Evidence from the Pre-Destruction Period

  title={The Location of the Holy House of Herod's Temple: Evidence from the Pre-Destruction Period},
  author={Lawrence D. Sporty},
  journal={The Biblical Archaeologist},
  pages={194 - 204}
  • L. Sporty
  • Published 1 December 1990
  • Sociology
  • The Biblical Archaeologist
The precise location of the holy house of the Second Temple has long been the subject of investigation and debate. A definitive location has never been found, due to a lack of sufficient, objective archaeological data. Because the area in which the ancient holy house was located is now considered sacred by three major religions, such excavation is virtually impossible. Therefore, we must rely on alternate strategies to shed light on this matter. 



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  • Mathematics
    The Biblical Archaeologist
  • 1983
One variation of the Temple facade on a Bar-Kokhba coin shows a curving line beneath the crownwork of the facade. What does this line represent?

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