The Location of Culture

  title={The Location of Culture},
  author={Homi K. Bhabha},
Acknowledgements, Introduction: Locations of culture, 1. The commitment to theory, 2. Interrogating identity: Frantz Fanon and the postcolonial prerogative, 3. The other question: Stereotype, discrimination and the discourse of colonialism, 4. Of mimicry and man: The ambivalence of colonial discourse, 5. Sly civility, 6. Signs taken for wonders: Questions of ambivalence and authority under a tree outside Delhi, May 1817, 7. Articulating the archaic: Cultural difference and colonial nonsense, 8… 

Diasporic men writers : An overview

In the literature of the Diaspora is of exact interest as the narratives speak about exile, displacement in space, time and history, the representation of the immigrant psyche, feminizing the

"The Produce of More Than One Country": Race, Identity, and Discourse in Post-Windrush Britain

Is it necessarily true that colonial and postcolonial relationships are characterized by the power to name on the one hand, and the passive acceptance of naming on the other? The Prospero/Caliban

Culture, Politics and Identity: Critical Readings on Gender in Southeast Asia

This article discusses some critical readings of theoretical texts on gender in Southeast Asian countries, where the intersections of past and present, of the global and the local, capitalism,

Freedom and Postcolonial Reality: A Critical Reading of the Writings of H. B.

Post colonialism has been defined differently by different theoreticians, but in literary circles it is the study of interaction between European nations and the countries they colonized and the

The ambiguity of God : a post-colonial inquiry into the politics of theistic formulation in South Africa

This thesis sets out to locate a post-apartheid perspective within what might be described as postcolonial Religious Studies, drawing on the genealogical method of Michel Foucault. Roughly stated, I

Landscapes, Memory, Monuments, and Commemoration: Putting Identity in Its Place

ABSTRACT/RESUME This paper addresses the issue of how nation-states re-imagine themselves in local and global contexts. In particular, attention will be directed to how Canada has invented itself

The Drama of Colonialism: National Identity and the Construction of the Indian/Other in Early-19th-Century American Plays

This essay offers insights into the American nation's persistent denial and deep-seated fears of its own inextricably multicultural identity at the time of the American Revolution and the first half

Towards a Dialectic of Identity and Economy in Postcolonial Studies

Hogan, Patrick Colm. 2000. Colonialism and Cultural Identity: Crises of Tradition in the Anglophone Literatures of India, Africa, and the Caribbean. Albany: State University of NewYork Press. $62.50

The "Other" Country: Memory, Voices, and Experiences of Colonized Childhoods

This article explores Blackman's Noughts and Crosses trilogy, Provoost's Falling, Rosoff's How I Live Now in relation to the effects of globalization, neoliberal orthodoxies, and emergence of newly

Struggle, Suffering, and Symbols: Narratives of Nationalism and Representing Identity

This introductory chapter situates the book within contemporary scholarship on Timor-Leste. It presents the theoretical framework for the study, drawing on Benedict Anderson’s thesis of ‘imagined