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The Localization of Function in the Brain. [Abstract]

  title={The Localization of Function in the Brain. [Abstract]},
  author={David Ferrier}
Twitches Versus Movements: A Story of Motor Cortex
Modern study of the neurophysiology of the cerebral cortex began with Fritsch and Hitzig's discovery that electrical stimulation of the cortex produces movements. The importance of this discovery was
Non-invasive brain stimulation therapies Terapias de neuroestimulação não invasivas
Noninvasive brain stimulation therapies are a promising field for the development of new protocols for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders but it is necessary to precisely determine which networks are related to which brain functions, and the normal activation level of each of these networks, so that it is possible to direct the stimulation to the affected networks in order to induce the desired effects.
The West Riding Lunatic Asylum and the making of the modern brain sciences in the nineteenth century
The thesis reconstructs the working practices of the asylum, explaining the intellectual and institutional background to its activities and describing its legacy in the field of medical science, and contended that the disciplinary split which occurred between neurology and psychiatry in the late nineteenth century was a legacy of the Asylum.
A Phylogenetic Aspect of the Motor Cortex of Mammals
  • E. Huber
  • Psychology
    The Quarterly Review of Biology
  • 1934
The discussion of the motor cortex, as defined in this paper, does not include those stimulable areas of the frontal and occipital regions which give rise to ocular movements; these centers differ histologically from the immediate precentral motor area and hence fall into a separate category.