The Living and Its Milieu

  title={The Living and Its Milieu},
  author={Georges Canguilhem},
  journal={Grey Room},
The notion of milieu is in the process of becoming a universal and obligatory means of registering the experience and existence of living things, and one could almost speak of its constitution as a basic category of contemporary thought.' But until now, the historical stages of the formation of the concept, its diverse uses, as well as the successive reconfigurations of the relationships in which it takes part, whether in geography, biology, psychology, technology, or social and economic… 
Developmentality : biopower, planning, and the living city
Our contemporary understanding of the modern city relies on a widely held consensus that its existence is the inevitable and natural outcome of economic and industrial growth. We take the city to
Umwelt, milieu(x), and environment: A survey of cross-cultural concept mutations
Abstract This essay explores the historical development of Umwelt and its links with related terms, such as environment, milieu(x), ambiens-ambiance, and circonstances, the latter of which are used
Through the Looking-Map: Mapping as a Milieu of Individuation
The present essay aims at showing how mapping works in setting milieus of individuation (following the insightful work of Simondon), and shows that the mapping is the leading information infrastructure at the root of the production of spatial information.
Political Entanglement and the Changing Nature of Science
  • Jesse Bazzul
  • Education
    Nature of Science for Social Justice
  • 2020
This chapter recognizes, but departs from the ‘consensus view’ of the nature of science, and argues that a ‘dissensus view’ of science needs to be part of science education. Rather than critique the
Disentangling life: Darwin, selectionism, and the postgenomic return of the environment.
  • Maurizio Meloni
  • Psychology
    Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
  • 2017
Everyone is Not an Artist: Autonomous Art Meets the Neoliberal City
The crisis of neoliberal urbanism and its production of polarised, fragmentary and exclusionary cities is explored as an effect of the biopolitical schema of the ‘milieu’: a schema, Foucault claims,
Creating Different Modes of Existence. Towards an Ontological Ethics of Design
This paper will address some design concerns relating to philosopher Etienne Souriau’s work Les differents modes d’existence (2009). This has important bearings upon design because, first, this
The organism and its Umwelt A counterpoint between the theories of Uexküll, Goldstein, and Canguilhem
The most explicit and detailed account of Uexküll’s concepts in Canguilhem’s work can be found in “The Living and its Milieu,” one of the philosophical chapters of his book Knowledge of Life ,
Distribution of Responsibility for Climate Change within the Milieu
  • L. Droz
  • Political Science
  • 2021
This article approaches the challenges of the distribution of responsibility for climate change on a local level using the framework of the milieu. It suggests that the framework of the milieu,


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