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The Little Schemer

  title={The Little Schemer},
  author={Daniel P. Friedman and Matthias Felleisen},
The notion that "thinking about computing is one of the most exciting things the human mind can do" sets both The Little Schemer (formerly known as The Little LISPer) and its new companion volume, The Seasoned Schemer, apart from other books on LISP. The authors' enthusiasm for their subject is compelling as they present abstract concepts in a humorous and easy-to-grasp fashion. Together, these books will open new doors of thought to anyone who wants to find out what computing is really about… 
Questions and answers on “JavaScript Affogato: Programming a Culture of Improvised Expertise”
This essay attempts a philological—meaning a both technically and socially attentive—historical study of an individual computer programming language, JavaScript. From its introduction, JavaScript's
A language for generic programming
This dissertation presents and evaluates the design of a new programming language, named G (for generic), that integrates the generic programming specification language with the type system and features of a full programming language.
Types and programming languages
This text provides a comprehensive introduction both to type systems in computer science and to the basic theory of programming languages, with a variety of approaches to modeling the features of object-oriented languages.
The design and implementation of typed scheme
Initial experiments with the implementation suggest that Typed Scheme naturally accommodates the programming style of the underlying scripting language, at least for the first few thousand lines of ported code.
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
This document is made freely available in PDF form for educational and other non-commercial use and requires the written consent of the author.
Following the Grammar
This document explains what it means to “follow the grammar” when writing recursive programs, for several kinds of different grammars. It is intended to be used in classes that teach functional
A practical introduction to data structures and algorithm analysis prentice hall
The author focuses on teaching students and practitioners to understand the principles required to select or design the data structure that will best solve his/her problem.
Final year project “ A functional language and compiler for the Arduino microcontroller ”
The design and development of Microscheme: a functional language for the Arduino is described, identified as the first micro-controllertargeting functional language to be released publicly, as a ready-to-use tool, with extensive supporting materials.
Essentials of programming languages
This text focuses on the principles of the design and implementation of programming languages and the language SCHEME, a dialect of LISP, is used to demonstrate abstraction and representation.
Advanced Programming Techniques Using Scheme
An interactive reducer for lambda terms that combines first-class continuations, macros, delay, and state is described and the means by which students are induced to master advanced topics is described.