The Literature of American Library History, 2001-2002

  title={The Literature of American Library History, 2001-2002},
  author={Edward A. Goedeken},
  journal={Libraries \& Culture},
  pages={175 - 211}
  • E. Goedeken
  • Published 20 April 2004
  • Education, History
  • Libraries & Culture
This is the fifth time I have composed this overview of current writings on American library history, which means that for the past ten years I have carefully monitored the amount and variety of scholarship that has appeared every two years from the little band of scholars who continually explore our corner of the historical canvas. As usual, our colleagues have been busy providing the rest of us with a wealth of writings and interpretations of our library past that will in turn foster yet more… 
The Literature of American Library History, 2003–2005
A number of years have elapsed since publication of the last essay of this sort, so this one will cover three years of historical writings on American librarianship, 2003–5, instead of the usual two.
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