The Lipoxin Receptor ALX: Potent Ligand-Specific and Stereoselective Actions in Vivo

  title={The Lipoxin Receptor ALX: Potent Ligand-Specific and Stereoselective Actions in Vivo},
  author={N. Chiang and C. Serhan and S. Dahl{\'e}n and J. Drazen and D. Hay and G. Rovati and T. Shimizu and T. Yokomizo and C. Brink},
  journal={Pharmacological Reviews},
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  • N. Chiang, C. Serhan, +6 authors C. Brink
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Pharmacological Reviews
  • Lipoxins (LXs) and aspirin-triggered LX (ATL) are trihydroxytetraene-containing eicosanoids generated from arachidonic acid that are distinct in structure, formation, and function from the many other proinflammatory lipid-derived mediators. These endogenous eicosanoids have now emerged as founding members of the first class of lipid/chemical mediators involved in the resolution of the inflammatory response. Lipoxin A4 (LXA4), ATL, and their metabolic stable analogs elicit cellular responses and… CONTINUE READING
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