The LinGO Redwoods Treebank: Motivation and Preliminary Applications

  title={The LinGO Redwoods Treebank: Motivation and Preliminary Applications},
  author={Stephan Oepen and Kristina Toutanova and Stuart M. Shieber and Christopher D. Manning and Dan Flickinger and Thorsten Brants},
The LinGO Redwoods initiative is a seed activity in the design and development of a new type of treebank. While several mediumto large-scale treebanks exist for English (and for other major languages), pre-existing publicly available resources exhibit the following limitations: (i) annotation is mono-stratal, either encoding topological (phrase structure) or tectogrammatical (dependency) information, (ii) the depth of linguistic information recorded is comparatively shallow, (iii) the design… CONTINUE READING
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