The Lin28 cold-shock domain remodels pre-let-7 microRNA

  title={The Lin28 cold-shock domain remodels pre-let-7 microRNA},
  author={Florian Mayr and Anja Schuetz and Nadine D{\"o}ge and Udo Heinemann},
  booktitle={Nucleic acids research},
The RNA-binding protein Lin28 regulates the processing of a developmentally important group of microRNAs, the let-7 family. Lin28 blocks the biogenesis of let-7 in embryonic stem cells and thereby prevents differentiation. It was shown that both RNA-binding domains (RBDs) of this protein, the cold-shock domain (CSD) and the zinc-knuckle domain (ZKD) are indispensable for pri- or pre-let-7 binding and blocking its maturation. Here, we systematically examined the nucleic acid-binding preferences… CONTINUE READING