The Limits of Restorative Justice in Prison

  title={The Limits of Restorative Justice in Prison},
  author={Berit Albrecht},
  journal={Peace Review},
  pages={327 - 334}
In the 1970s, some dissatisfaction with the existing justice systems began to be voiced and brought up a quest for alternatives. Restorative justice, which has its origins in ancient or indigenous ways of dealing with crime and conflict, was rediscovered. It became discussed all over the globe and is today practiced in more or less formalized forms in many countries, often as an alternative to the criminal justice system. Restorative justice theory considers crime in terms of harm to… Expand


Empathy and Depression: the Moral System on Ondrive
  • Empathy in Mental Illness
  • 2007
Paper prepared for the Congrés Penitenciària Internacional: La funció social de la política penitenciària
  • 2006
She has previously conducted research on restorative justice in a multi-cultural context and works as a mediator at the Norwegian Mediation and Reconciliation Service
    Simon Fraser University Center for Restorative Justice. Available at <>, last accessed