The Life of Józef Warszewicz (1812–1866): the Kraków Period

  title={The Life of J{\'o}zef Warszewicz (1812–1866): the Krak{\'o}w Period},
  author={Piotr K{\"o}hler},
  journal={Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum},
  • P. Köhler
  • Published 28 May 2014
  • Environmental Science
  • Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum
Krakow in 1854. He worked on the reorganisation of the Botanical Garden and supervised new projects there. His activities contributed to an expansion of the Botanical Garden’s plant collections. Warszewicz also brought a herbarium and a collection of tropical animals to Krakow. During his life in Krakow, Warszewicz was widely honoured, and after his death, a monument was erected to him and one of Krakow’s streets was named after him. 
Józef Warszewicz (1812–1866) and taxonomical history of Warszewiczia coccinea (Vahl) Klotzsch
One of the chapters in the history of systematics (taxonomy) relating to Józef Warszewicz and the plants described on the basis of his collections, especially red warszewichia coccinea, is highlighted.
Typification of five plant names described based on specimens collected by Józef Warszewicz in Central and South America
Abstract Józef Warszewicz (1812–1864) was one of the first Polish naturalists to explore the flora of the tropical New World. During two expeditions to Central and South America (1844–1850 and
Furcraea selloana K.Koch is the Correct Orthography of the Species Name that Commemorates Hermann Sello in Furcraea Vent. (Asparagaceae subfam. Agavoideae / Agavaceae)
It is shown that the epithet to be used is ‘selloana’, not 'selloa', nor 'selloi', yielding the species name Furcraea selloana K.Koch for this horticulturally popular New World member of the Asparagaceae subfam.


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