The Life of Dr Jan Ingen Housz (1730–99), Private Counsellor and Personal Physician to Emperor Joseph II of Austria

  title={The Life of Dr Jan Ingen Housz (1730–99), Private Counsellor and Personal Physician to Emperor Joseph II of Austria},
  author={Jan F. Ingen Housz and Norman Beale and E. Clifford Beale},
  journal={Journal of Medical Biography},
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A brief biography is presented of Dr Jan Ingen Housz, as written, originally in Dutch, by M J Godefroi, a mid-nineteenth-century Dutch physician who was a friend of a near descendant of Dr Ingen Housz. From being a general practitioner at Breda, his home town, he moved to England to learn smallpox inoculation, was sent to inoculate members of the Habsburg family at Vienna and dedicated his later life to scientific experimentation, notably revealing the fundamentals of photosynthesis. 

Thomas Paytherus (1752–1828): Entrepreneurial surgeon-apothecary and ardent Jennerian

Thomas Paytherus was among those who advised Jenner on the publication of his work on vaccination and acted as an intermediary in the dispute between Jenner and Ingen-Housz and also alerted Jenner to Pearson’s claims as a pioneer of vaccination.

Breathscapes: Natural Environments in Eighteenth-Century Physiology and Psychosomatics of Breathing

  • R. Knoeff
  • Art
    The Life of Breath in Literature, Culture and Medicine
  • 2021
The eighteenth century was obsessed with the physiology and pathology of respiration and the necessity of clean air and strong winds for health and well-being. Air referred not only to the air we

Humanized Mice for Live-Attenuated Vaccine Research: From Unmet Potential to New Promises

The strong potential of LAVs as tools to enhance the understanding of human immunity is discussed and the past, current and future contributions of HIS mice to this endeavor are reviewed.