The Life and Labors of Francis Galton: A Review of Four Recent Books About the Father of Behavioral Statistics

  title={The Life and Labors of Francis Galton: A Review of Four Recent Books About the Father of Behavioral Statistics},
  author={Brian E. Clauser},
  journal={Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics},
  pages={440 - 444}
  • B. Clauser
  • Published 1 December 2007
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics
educational statistics, that individual is Francis Galton. Galton was not a great mathematical statistician; he made no important contributions to that field. In fact, his efforts to earn an honors degree in mathematics at Cambridge resulted in a physical and mental breakdown (Gillham, 2001). The contributions that jus tify Galton's status as father?or grandfather?of the field are based on his rediscovery of statistical methods and his application of those methods to the measurement of the… 

A Study on the Correlation of Bivariate And Trivariate Normal Models

OF THE THESIS A STUDY ON THE CORRELATION OF BIVARIATE AND TRIVARIATE NORMAL MODELS by Maria del Pilar Orjuela Garavito Florida International University, 2013 Miami, Florida Professor Jie Mi, Co-Major


Measurement is the process of assigning numbers to attributes. As a society, we take measurements of almost everything—weight, height, temperature, the speed our car is going, the amount of time

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This phenomenological research explored the influence of noncognitive factors in four areas: early educational factors, personal factors, affective factors, and noncognitive skill factors to

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Even though they are easy to administer, there is a wide gap between quick-and-dirty surveys and surveys that are properly planned, constructed, and analyzed.

On the Analysis of DNA Methylation

This document summarizes current capabilities, research and operational priorities, and plans for further studies that were established at the 2015 USGS workshop on quantitative hazard assessments of earthquake-triggered landsliding and liquefaction.



The Life, Letters and Labours of Francis Galton

THESE two stately volumes, which will be followed by a third, form a worthy memorial of a great man. It has been a labour of love to Prof. Karl Pearson to write them, a piety which must have cost him

Memories of My Life

THOSE who are interested in the history of the growth of science in this country and in the men who participated in its development will thank Dr. Galton for having provided them with a

The Life, Letters and Labours of Francis Galton

THE completion of this great “Life” of a great man is an achievement, and we wish to express what all interested must feel, that the library of science has been enriched in a very noble way. We

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IT is related that, when some boastful patriot was once describing the trees in his country as so high that a man could hardly see their tops, a stranger retorted “That is nothing to the trees in my

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AbstractREADERS of “Statistical Methods for Research Workers” will welcome Prof. Fisher's new book, which is partly devoted to a development of the logical ideas underlying the earlier volume and

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Memories of My Life

Hereditary genius.