The Liberal Arts as Viewed by Faculty Members in Professional Schools

  title={The Liberal Arts as Viewed by Faculty Members in Professional Schools},
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Chapter V: The Educational Program

Though most books, articles, and reports on general or liberal education are descriptive or polemic, an increasing number of items present some elements of empirical study. This sort has become

Faculty Perceptions Of The Purpose And Value Of General Education: A Comparison Between The Liberal Arts And Health Professions

This study examined the perceptions of the purpose and value of the general education curriculum in those undergraduate faculty members who teach in the liberal arts and the health professions at the

How Much Do We Practice?: Defining a Course of Study for the Applied Pianist at The Eastman School of Music, The Juilliard School, and The Curtis Institute of Music from Their Inception to 1945

This thesis considers the environments of three prominent music schools founded in the 1920s, the Eastman School of Music, The Juilliard School, and The Curtis Institute of music, and observes how each defined and clarified its course of study, and contributes to the narrative of the history of higher education.


This study determines the preference of professional school faculty for associative, replicative, interpretive, and applicative uses of knowledge, and it compares those preferences to the preferences

Faculty incorporation of liberal Essential Learning Outcomes

Faculty Incorporation of Liberal Essential Learning Outcomes Shifang Li In 2007, the Association of American Colleges and Universities recommended a set of Essential Learning Outcomes as objectives

Liberal Education and Professional Studies at the Undergraduate Level: Still Circling Moose Jaw

This manuscript discusses the relationship between liberal education and professional programs, including recreation and leisure studies. It proposes a shift in frame of reference from liberal educ...

Liberal and professional undergraduate nursing education: maintaining the connections.

Liberal versus Useful Education: Reconsidering the Contrast and Its Lineage

  • B. Kimball
  • Education
    Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education
  • 1986
In The Useful Arts and the Liberal Tradition, a policy study written and published for the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education a decade ago, it was asserted that the writings of “Dewey,