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The Lewis chessmen

  title={The Lewis chessmen},
  author={Michael Taylor},

Cille Donnain: a late Norse church in South Uist

On a promontory on the western edge of Loch Kildonan, South Uist, in the Western Isles, are the ruins of a church known as Cille Donnain. The paper argues that this church and some buildings on the

The Lewis Hoard of Gaming Pieces: A Re-examination of their Context, Meanings, Discovery and Manufacture

Abstract Almost 180 years of scholarship on the Lewis chessmen have given us a solid foundation of understanding, primarily based upon their art-historical analysis. Taking a more interdisciplinary

Norse Settlement in the Outer Hebrides

Recent work on the Norse settlement of Scotland has focused on the settlements of the Northern Isles. In this article we present some new results from the less intensively studied Western Isles. A

Board games of the Vikings – From hnefatafl to chess

The relationship between the Viking game hnefatafl and the new board game of chess is an intricate one, made all the more so by the fact that both are described by the same term: tafl. In this paper,

Was it for walrus? Viking Age settlement and medieval walrus ivory trade in Iceland and Greenland

Abstract Walrus-tusk ivory and walrus-hide rope were highly desired goods in Viking Age north-west Europe. New finds of walrus bone and ivory in early Viking Age contexts in Iceland are concentrated

A Viking burial from Kneep, Uig, Isle of Lewis

In 1979 a rich female Viking burial was discovered on Kneep headland, near Valtos in the Isle of Lewis. Owing to the circumstances of its recovery, little is known of the context of the burial but