The Level of Marzano Higher Order Thinking Skills among Technical Education Students

  title={The Level of Marzano Higher Order Thinking Skills among Technical Education Students},
  author={Yee Mei Heong and Widad Othman and Jailani Bin Md Yunos and Tee Tze Kiong and Razali Bin Hassan and Mimi Mohaffyza and Binti Mohamad},
  journal={International journal of social science and humanity},
Higher order thinking skills is an important aspect in teaching and learning especially at higher education institutions. Thinking skills practices are part of the generic skills that should be infused in all technical subjects. Students with higher order thinking skills are able to learn, improve their performance and reduce their weaknesses. Hence, the purpose of this research was to identify the level of Marzano Higher Order Thinking Skills among technical education students in the Faculty… 

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