The Leucocytosis of Labor and the Puerperium


The first investigators to find a leucocytosis in pregnancy were)/[oteschott and l~asse (1). This observation has been confirmed by It has been found that most primiparee have a leucocytosis in the later months of pregnancy, the average connt being about 13,000. About 5 per cent of multiparm have a leucocytosis, usually less high than the primiparm. Virchow suggests as an explanation of the ]eucocytosis of pregnancy the gradual increase in size of the lymph vessels and glands about the uterus which occurs at this time, which then send a fresh supply of corpuscles into the blood. Rieder says there is no digestion le~cocytosis in pregnancy. A smaller number of observations have been made to determine the leucocytosis during and after labor. Kosina and Eckert found in 16 eases during labor 10,540 to 18,600 leucocytes per cub. ram. The count sometimes increased a little after delivery, but more often remained the same, and from the first day of convalescence gradually fell to normal. Kriiger places the average in labor cases at about 13,000 leucocytes per cub. ram. 3Iallassez speaks of a rapid increase of leucocytes after delivery, followed by a gradual decrease to normal during convalescence. Rieder says the ]eucocytosis directly before and after birth is about two or three times the normal (7700) and falls rapidly from that time to the end of the puerperium. Cabot (10) counted 12 cases, 9 primiparm and 3 multiparm, during and after labor; the leucocytes varied from 10,000 to 37,000 in primipar~e, and from 11,000 to 16,000 in multipar~e. There was a rapid fall in count after confinement. Concerning the kind of white corpuscles causing the leucocytosis in pregnancy, Bj5rkman (11) says, " In the last stages

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