The Legend of Ger Ẓedek of Wilno as Polemic and Reassurance

  title={The Legend of Ger Ẓedek of Wilno as Polemic and Reassurance},
  author={Magda Teter},
  journal={AJS Review},
  pages={237 - 263}
  • M. Teter
  • Published 1 November 2005
  • Philosophy
  • AJS Review
Some time in the second half of the eighteenth century, there emerged a Jewish legend that glorified a conversion to Judaism and a martyr's death of a Polish noble from a very prominent Polish aristocratic family, sometimes referred to as Walentyn Potocki, or Graf Potocki—the legend of ger ẓedek, a righteous convert, of Wilno. The story was enthusiastically embraced by Eastern European Jews, and it subsequently became a subject of numerous novels and novellas. Even today its appeal continues… Expand
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