The Legalization of Industrial Hemp and What it Could Mean for Indiana's Biofuel Industry

  title={The Legalization of Industrial Hemp and What it Could Mean for Indiana's Biofuel Industry},
  author={Nicole Keller},
  journal={Indiana international and comparative law review},
  • N. Keller
  • Published 3 January 2013
  • Economics
  • Indiana international and comparative law review
Over thirty countries around the world have a legal industrial hemp industry; the United States is not one of them.' Each of these countries have realized the amazing potential of this one plant as an efficient input source for many industries including, but not limited to, food products, cosmetics, paper, automotive parts, clothing, and biofuel.2 These industries provide a steady source of income and thousands of jobs for people all over the world.3 The use of hemp as the primary input makes… 

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