The Legacy of Little Wolf: Rewriting and Rerighting Our Leaders Back into History

  title={The Legacy of Little Wolf: Rewriting and Rerighting Our Leaders Back into History},
  author={Leo Killsback},
  journal={Wicazo Sa Review},
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S P R I N G 2 0 1 1 W I C A Z O S A R E V I E W Racial prejudice naturally enters into the account of a man’s life by enemy writers, while one is likely to favor his own race. I am conscious that many readers may think that I have idealized the Indian. Therefore I will confess now that we have too many weak and unprincipled men among us. When I speak of the Indian hero, I do not forget the mongrel in spirit, false to the ideals of his people. Our trustfulness has been our weakness, and when the… 
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