The Legacy of Karl Ludvig Reichelt

  title={The Legacy of Karl Ludvig Reichelt},
  author={Notto Thelle},
  journal={International Bulletin of Mission Research},
  pages={65 - 70}
  • Notto Thelle
  • Published 1981
  • Sociology
  • International Bulletin of Mission Research
in heaven and things on earth" (Eph. 1:9-10). the world to the mutual good of all peoples. What the next 30 After 30 years perhaps Christians in China and America can years hold for the. new relationship between Chinese and Ameri­ begin to explore what it means to be obedient to Jesus Christ anew can Christians will largely be dependent on the foundation of un­ in the larger context of the world Christian community. Together, derstanding, mutual respect and affirmation that we lay today. with… Expand
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Deciphering Chinese Calligraphy as the Architectural Essence of Tao Fong Shan Christian Center in Hong Kong
Many buildings in Hong Kong are graced with enchanting works of Chinese calligraphy. An excellent example is Tao Fong Shan Christian Center founded by a Norwegian missionary, Karl Ludvig ReicheltExpand


The Nestorian Monument in China
THIS volume deals with one of the most interesting romances of literature ever known. The slory has often been told before; but it will bear repetition, on the chance of reaching some whose readingExpand
Boundlessness : studies in Karl Ludvig Reichelt's missionary thinking with special regard to the Buddhist-Christian encounter
Boundlessness : studies in Karl Ludvig Reichelt's missionary thinking with special regard to the Buddhist-Christian encounter
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The references cited in this section have been selected by Dr. F. Cervero and are drawn from the U.K. MEDLARS 3ervice and the British Library Lending Division, whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Expand
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