The Least Developed Countries Needs for Changing the Passive Trend of Renewable Energy Exploitation to a Proactive Trend

  title={The Least Developed Countries Needs for Changing the Passive Trend of Renewable Energy Exploitation to a Proactive Trend},
  author={Mir Sayed Shah Danish and Najib Rahman Sabory and Ahmad Murtaza Ershad and Sayed Mir Shah Danish and Ryoya Ohta and Masih Sediqi and Mikaeel Ahmadi and Tomonobu Senjyu},
  journal={International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering},
The Least Developed Countries adhere to meet the minimum milestone of renewable energy (RE) exploitation for a long-run sustainability. Therefore, RE exploitation as a significant part of this milestone has therefore become a matter of priority. This paper addresses a general framework for RE effective deployment following the actions are considered essential by the help of the lessons-learned and literature finding to deliver an effective guideline. This paper introduces a strategic mechanics… 

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