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The Law of Large Numbers and its Applications

  title={The Law of Large Numbers and its Applications},
  author={Kelly E. Sedor},
This honours project discusses the Law of Large Numbers (LLN). The LLN is an extremely intuitive and applicable result in the field of probability and statistics. Essentially, the LLN states that in regards to statistical observations, as the number of trials increase, the sample mean gets increasingly close to the hypothetical mean. In this project, a brief historical context will be outlined, basic probability theory concepts will be reviewed, the various versions of the theorem will be… Expand
Some New Results for Poisson Binomial Models
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Introduction to Probability
The articles [8], [9], [4], [7], [6], [2], [5], [1], and [3] provide the notation and terminology for this paper. For simplicity, we adopt the following convention: E denotes a non empty set, aExpand
Limit Theorems and the Laws of Large Numbers: The True Essence of Probability
  • 2011