The Latin Phallus

  title={The Latin Phallus},
  author={Il{\'a}n Stavans},
  journal={Transition: An International Review},
  • Ilán Stavans
  • Published 1995
  • Economics
  • Transition: An International Review
Translating Transgender: English Pushed to the Limits in José Donoso’s El lugar sin límites
A devastating Sunday in the tumultuous life of a 60-year-old transvestite, co-owner of a brothel with her/his virgin daughter La Japonesita, sets up a bloody storyline that takes readers to the
Chilean Boy Scout Magazines as Literary Campfires: Masculinities and Nationality through Scoutista Short Stories
Abstract:This article illuminates the extent to which Chilean Boy Scouting has functioned not merely as a recreational program, but also as a literary project. I call this project scoutismo. Upon
Reading Simón Bolívar's Delirium: Messianism and its Publics
Dreamer, madman, poet, legislator, warrior, coward, visionary, titanic, romantic, despot, philosopher, predestined by God, a man from another world, the Incarnate Word of national redemption,
Boys Want to Have Fun! Carnivalesque Adolescence and Nostalgic Resorts in Another Gay Movie and Another Gay Sequel
As we have seen in the analysis of Todd Haynes’s Dottie Gets Spanked and Velvet Goldmine in the previous chapter, youth films often feature such themes as conflicts with the older generation,
From Tristan to Don Juan : Romance and courtly love in the fiction of three Spanish American authors
This thesis is centred on Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel El amor en los tiempos del colera, Alvaro Mutis’ novella La ultima escala del Tramp Steamer, and Juan Rulfo’s novel Pedro Paramo. Its aim is
Migración y subjetividades de género : rechazo y performances de género en El camino a Ítaca de C. Liscano
Despues de presentar muy brevemente la novela de Liscano, definire el marco teorico en el que este analisis se inscribe, precisando lo que entiendo por “ performance de genero ” y su relacion con la