The Latin American ‘Olympic explosion’ of the 1920s: Causes and consequences

  title={The Latin American ‘Olympic explosion’ of the 1920s: Causes and consequences},
  author={Cesar R. Torres},
  journal={The International Journal of the History of Sport},
  pages={1088 - 1111}
  • C. Torres
  • Published 4 October 2006
  • Education
  • The International Journal of the History of Sport
In spite of Baron Pierre de Coubertin's efforts, the Olympic Movement did not rapidly win over a substantial number of Latin American hearts. During the first 30 years of modern Olympic life, Latin American athletes and officials played a negligible role in the Olympic Movement. However, that pattern changed in the early 1920s. Suddenly, Latin Americans entered Olympic arenas en masse. The dramatic change during the 1920s from the negligible role that Latin Americans had played so far in the… 
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Tribulations and Achievements: The Early History of Olympism in Argentina
  • C. Torres
  • Political Science, Education
    The International journal of the history of sport
  • 2001
This essay explores the reception and diffusion of Olympism in Argentina and reveals a process of gradual adoption including conflicting views on the relationship between the state and sport, several attempts at institutionalization, international misunderstandings and the role of politics and class.
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Olympic Globalization: Sport Geopolitics or IOC Power Politics?
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Olympic Globalization: Sport Geopolitics or IOC Power Politics?' In Olympic Studies
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encontradas: la educación fı́sica y el deporte en el debate parlamentario sobre la participación argentina en los Juegos Olı́mpicos de 1908
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A Participação no Brasil no Movimento Olı́mpico Internacional no Perı́odo de 1896 a 1925
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