The Last Vikings: The Epic Story of the Great Norse Voyagers, by Kirsten A. Seaver

  title={The Last Vikings: The Epic Story of the Great Norse Voyagers, by Kirsten A. Seaver},
  author={Kirsten Wolf},
Saxo meets Ptolemy: Claudius Clavus and the ‘Nancy map’
Research on early European geographical and historical concepts of the far north, especially as depicted on several tabulae modernae made for Ptolemy's Geographia and on Johann Schöner's 1515 globe,Expand
Investigation of proposed Norse irrigation channels and dams at Garðar/Igaliku, Greenland
It has long been proposed that various features within and beyond the confines of the Greenlandic settlement of Garðar, in modern Igaliku, reflect a medieval irrigation system with interconnectedExpand
Svalbarðs fundr. The Place Name Svalbard and Its Connotations in Medieval and Modern Literature and Cartography
The paper analyses medieval forms of the name Svalbard as applied to the land “discovered” in 1194, suggests that this Arctic discovery could have been named after a farmstead in Iceland, and followsExpand
How did Mya arenaria (Mollusca; Bivalvia) repopulate European waters in mediaeval times?
During the Pleistocene, the coastal marine bivalve mollusc Mya arenaria became extinct in NW Europe. The species survived in Northern America. Radiocarbon dating of shells found in Denmark, TheExpand
National identity in Northern and Eastern European heavy metal
In the last thirty years the genre of heavy metal has seen an increasing number of bands utilise aspects of their national or regional identity to inspire their work. This identity portrayal has beenExpand
A multiple profile approach to the palynological reconstruction of Norse landscapes in Greenland's Eastern Settlement
Abstract Palynological research is increasingly revealing the landscape impacts of Norse colonisation in southern Greenland. Typically, although not exclusively, these studies are from depositionalExpand
Towards a First Chronology for the Middle Settlement of Norse Greenland: 14C and Related Studies of Animal Bone and Environmental Material
The so-called Middle Settlement (Mellembygden) of Norse/Viking Greenland has received far less attention than either of its larger Eastern and Western counterparts. The Greenlandic Norse occupationExpand