The Last Illness and Death of Hawai‘i’s King Kalākaua: A New Historical/Clinical Perspective

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Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen, Liliuokalani

"Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen, Liliuokalani" by Liliuokalani, 1838-1917. 2 images. Has additional notes.

Rise and Fall

The world-systems perspective was invented for modeling and interpreting the expansion and deepening of the capitalist regional system as it emerged in Europe and incorporated the whole globe over

The Gifts of Civilization: Germs and Genocide in Hawai'i

In nine essays, Bushnell discusses the profound and various impacts on a long isolated people of infectious diseases brought by Captain James Cook in 1778 and subsequent visitors.

The peopling of Hawaiʿi

A great book on the people and development of Hawaii. Includes pictures of old and new Hawaii and tables of various statistics showing Hawaii's development over the years.

Post Mortem: Solving History’s Great Medical Mysteries:Post Mortem: Solving History’s Great Medical Mysteries

"Post Mortem" examines medical mysteries in the lives and deaths of 12 famous men and women, including Alexander the Great, King Herod, Joan of Arc, Mozart, Beethoven, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Systematic Review: Estimation of global burden of non‐suppurative sequelae of upper respiratory tract infection: rheumatic fever and post‐streptococcal glomerulonephritis

This study aims to establish the incidence of post‐streptococcal glomerulonephritis and acute rheumatic fever, the prevalence of RHD, and to estimate morbidity and mortality caused by these diseases globally.

The Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: An Epidemiologic Perspective

Findings from a source that has been overlooked in Mozart research are presented: the daily register of deaths in Vienna, which provides a population framework into which the known facts about Mozart's last illness can be integrated.

Last Illness and Death of King Kalakaua