The Large Scale Structure of Space–Time: Contents

  title={The Large Scale Structure of Space–Time: Contents},
  author={Stephen William Hawking and George F R Ellis},


Non-singular collapse scenario from matter–curvature coupling

In the present work we study spherically symmetric gravitational collapse of a homogeneous perfect fluid in the context of Generalized Rastall Theory (GRT). In this modified version of the original

Higher-dimensional inhomogeneous composite fluids: energy conditions

The energy conditions are studied, in the relativistic astrophysical setting, for higher-dimensional Hawking–Ellis Type I and Type II matter fields. The null, weak, dominant and strong energy

Vaidya-Bonnor black hole in monopole-de Sitter space with variable $$\varLambda (u)$$

In this paper, we propose a class of embedded solutions of Einstein’s field equations with the de Sitter cosmological function $$\varLambda (u)$$ . This class of solutions describes

Logic, Philosophy and Physics: A Critical Commentary on the Dilemma of Categories

I provide a critical commentary regarding the attitude of the logician and the philosopher towards the physicist and physics. The commentary is intended to show-case how a general change in attitude

Basic Inequalities for Real Hypersurfaces in Some Grassmannians

Minimally deformed anisotropic stars by gravitational decoupling in Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet gravity

In this article, we develop a theoretical framework to study compact stars in Einstein gravity with the Gauss–Bonnet (GB) combination of quadratic curvature terms. We mainly analyzed the dependence

Comment on “Emergence of the Cotton tensor for describing gravity”

Recently, it has been claimed by J. Harada [Phys. Rev. D 103, L121502 (2021) that the Cotton tensor can describe the effects of gravity beyond general relativity. In this short comment, we show that