The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT)

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  journal={Experimental Astronomy},
  • M. Feroci, L. Stella, +200 authors J. Zi'olkowski
  • Published 2011
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • Experimental Astronomy
  • High-time-resolution X-ray observations of compact objects provide direct access to strong-field gravity, to the equation of state of ultradense matter and to black hole masses and spins. A 10 m2-class instrument in combination with good spectral resolution is required to exploit the relevant diagnostics and answer two of the fundamental questions of the European Space Agency (ESA) Cosmic Vision Theme “Matter under extreme conditions”, namely: does matter orbiting close to the event horizon… CONTINUE READING
    The Large Observatory for x-ray timing
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    LOFT: the Large Observatory For X-ray Timing
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    LOFT: a large observatory for x-ray timing
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    Measuring Black Hole Spin Using X-Ray Reflection Spectroscopy
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    • Highly Influenced
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    The large area detector of LOFT: the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing
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