The Large, the Small and the Human Mind

  title={The Large, the Small and the Human Mind},
  author={Roger Penrose and Malcolm S. Longair},
From the Publisher: Roger Penrose's views on the large-scale physics of the universe, the small-scale world of quantum physics and the physics of the mind are controversial and widely discussed. The Large, the Small and the Human Mind is a fascinating and accessible summary of Roger Penrose's current thinking on those areas of physics in which he feels there are major unresolved problems. It is also a stimulating introduction to the radically new concepts which he believes will be fruitful in… 
The Mind and the Brain
This chapter looks broadly at how the overall thesis of the book relates to the human mind and brain, which develop to be what they are because they are located in a specific society. The main claim
The cognitive sciences and their method: a physicist’s perspective
The contemporary research in neurobiology heavily rests on the application of complex experimental techniques. The primary aim is to determine the neuronal correlates of various mental phenomena such
The Consciousness of Reality
Finally, the human mind faces its own nature. By extending the information-theoretic paradigm, the informational nature of consciousness is uncovered. This gives rise to the very first formal
Physics, philosophy, and the nature of reality
  • T. Maudlin
  • Philosophy, Physics
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2015
What a philosophical disposition can contribute is not alternative physics, but rather the sort of careful attention to argument needed to extract a physical picture from a mathematical formalism.
Quantum neurophysics: From non-living matter to quantum neurobiology and psychopathology.
  • S. Tarlacı, M. Pregnolato
  • Physics
    International journal of psychophysiology : official journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology
  • 2016
Does an observer belong in physics?
In this paper we comment on the opinions of great philosophers from various epochs on the relationship between computers and the human mind. We ponder over whether we might be able to gain an
Is There a Link Between Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness
This essay examines the link (if any) between quantum mechanics and consciousness and the problem of interpretation. The ‘measurement problem’ that arises from the ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ is
Consciousness, the Brain, and Spacetime Geometry: An Addendum
  • R. Penrose
  • Physics
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2001
The case is strongly put forward that the neuronal microtubules play a key role in the required quantum/classical borderline activities which might have an essential relevance to the phenomenon of consciousness.
Why the brain is probably not a quantum computer


Generalized quantum mechanics
A convex scheme of quantum theory is outlined where the states are not necessarily the density matrices in a Hilbert space. The physical interpretation of the scheme is given in terms of generalized
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Adventures of ideas
Adventures of ideas , Adventures of ideas , کتابخانه دیجیتال و فن آوری اطلاعات دانشگاه امام صادق(ع)
Mind, Brain And The Quantum
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  • Letter to The New York Times Book Review, Dec
  • 1994
М ы долж н ы зн ать, и м ы будем зн ать
  • С м . Constance Reid
  • 1970
Review of Shadows of the Mind
  • The New York Times Book Review, Nov
  • 1994