The Laparoscopic Approach for Repair of Morgagni Hernias


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Morgagni hernias are unusual congenital diaphragmatic hernias that are generally asymptomatic and discovered incidentally. Surgical treatment is indicated once the diagnosis is made. These hernias have traditionally been repaired by the open abdominal or thoracic approaches. We report a case of Morgagni hernia repaired successfully via the laparoscopic approach. METHODS AND RESULTS The patient was noted to have a large anteromedial diaphragmatic hernia by chest radiograph and CT imaging. He underwent laparoscopy, during which the hernia was reduced and the defect repaired with mesh placement. We used intracorporeal suture placement to anchor the mesh. The patient recovered uneventfully after a short hospitalization. CONCLUSIONS The laparoscopic approach for repair of Morgagni hernias offers diagnostic advantages as well as the potential for reduced morbidity when compared to laparotomy. We report intracorporeal knot-tying for fixation of the mesh to be a secure and satisfactory means to achieve the laparoscopic repair.

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