The Language of Classic Maya Inscriptions1

  title={The Language of Classic Maya Inscriptions1},
  author={S. Houston and J. Robertson and D. Stuart},
  journal={Current Anthropology},
  pages={321 - 356}
  • S. Houston, J. Robertson, D. Stuart
  • Published 2000
  • History, Medicine
  • Current Anthropology
  • Recent decipherments of Classic Maya hieroglyphs (ca. a.d. 250 to 850) reveal phonological and morphological patterns that, through epigraphic and historical analyses, isolate a single, coherent prestige language with unique and widespread features in script. We term this language “Classic Ch’olti’an” and present the evidence for its explicable historical configuration and ancestral affiliation with Eastern Ch’olan languages (Ch’olti’ and its still‐viable descendant, Ch’orti’). We conclude by… CONTINUE READING
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