The Land of the Free and The Elements of Style

  title={The Land of the Free and The Elements of Style},
  author={Geoffrey K. Pullum},
  journal={English Today},
  pages={34 - 44}
  • G. Pullum
  • Published 28 May 2010
  • Art
  • English Today
The Elements of Style (henceforth, Elements) is a slender book of advice on usage and writing, revised by the admired novelist and essayist E. B. White from a book by his former English professor. White did well to accept Macmillan's suggestion that he should revise and expand his former professor's book for commercial republication: successive editions of the revision sold over ten million copies. Many college-educated Americans revere Elements, swear by it, carry it around with them. It was… 
Measuring the success of prescriptivism: quantitative grammaticography, corpus linguistics and the progressive passive
This article connects the quantitative study of grammaticography with a more traditional corpus-linguistic investigation of the progressive passive. Based on a careful analysis of over 250 grammars
Prescriptivism and the genre of pedagogical reference grammars for Italian students
The analysis of the genre of pedagogical reference grammar books for Italian students of English shows that the genre is rooted in a view of grammar and an approach to grammar selection and presentation which may be dubbed 'peda- gogical prescriptivism'.
The use and prescription of epicene pronouns: a corpus-based approach to generic he and singular they in British English
It is concluded that, despite the restrictions imposed on the written pronoun paradigm evident in grammatical prescriptivism, singular they is the epicene pronoun of British English.
Pedantry, preoccupation, and the presentation of self: an interdisciplinary study of attitudes towards language
This thesis discusses attitudes towards language from a variety of perspectives. It takes as a starting point a classification of metaphoric and metonymic schemata in the discourses of language
Editorial practice and the progressive in Black South African English
Innovative linguistic features occur in Outer and Expanding Circle varieties of English, leading to claims that new Englishes and learner Englishes form overlapping sets rather than discrete
“This Must Be Looked Into”: A Corpus Study of the Prepositional Passive
  • S. Schwarz
  • Linguistics
    Journal of English Linguistics
  • 2019
Sets of prepositional passives from 1870 to 1999 were collected from the Corpus of Historical American English and compared with a control group of “regular” passive sentences to add new dimensions to the understanding of the construction’s use.
Literally, too big a fuss about nothing
A couple of years ago, a few major news websites, such as those of The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail, reported that the non-literal use of literally, as in ‘This book literally blew my
Vigilance or Tolerance? Younger Speakers’ Attitudes to Australian English Usage*
Throughout the twentieth century, the teaching of English in first-language classrooms underwent a series of radical upheavals. Crystal claimed that the newest pedagogy introduced into curricula in
A comparison of prescriptive usage problems in formal and informal written English
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Pullum, Geoffrey K.
Geoffrey K. Pullum (1945– ) is a general linguist specializing in the study of the English language. He has published over 250 works on a wide variety of topics in theoretical and applied


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