The Lancet Scolded Over Pusztai Paper

  title={The Lancet Scolded Over Pusztai Paper},
  author={Martin Enserink},
  pages={656 - 656}
For more than a year, a study claiming to show that transgenic potatoes may make rats sick was at the center of a furious debate, even though its findings had never been published. Now, part of the controversial study by protein biochemist Arpad Pusztai has finally made it into the pages of The Lancet --only to drag the prestigious journal down into the trenches of the British war over genetically modified food. Critics contend that The Lancet is exploiting the study9s notoriety for its own… 
Science and the Consequences of Mistruct: Lessons from Recent GM Controversies
It will be argued that the underlying problem is the current institutional structure of science, particularly in the United States, and if thediagnosis is correct, then the proper course oftreatment is to pursue a program of institutional reconstruction.
Biosafety, Bioethics, and IPR Issues in Plant Biotechnology
Concerns over ecological and human health safety have led to doubt over the application of transgenic technology, but many of these fears seem unsubstantiated or are based on misinformation.
Public concern about genetics.
  • P. Reilly
  • Biology
    Annual review of genomics and human genetics
  • 2000
It is argued that the scientific community must increase its commitment to public discourse and the public response to genetics advances during the 1990s and beyond.
Conspiracy theories in science
Responding to conspiracy theories and ‘sceptics’ draws scientists into arenas where objective information matters less than emotional appeals, unsupported allegations and unverified speculations, and it is helpful and important to understand the logic of conspiracy arguments and the best ways to respond to them.
Plant Biotechnology: Transgenic Crops for the Third Millennium
During recent years, the use of plant biotechnology and genetically modified (GM) crops has increased considerably. In 1999, transgenic soybean with engineered herbicide resistance accounted for more
Genetically Modified Crops: A Long Way to Go
Open questions and challenges for production and application of genetically modified crops will be discussed in the current chapter.
Impact, identity, targets and gaming
The impact factor (IF) of the Scottish Medical Journal (SMJ) fell last year, to a paltry 0.4, and I expect the 2012 IF (available June 2013) will be about the same.
Food Security in India: Scientific Solutions and Apprehensions from Genetically Modified Crops
India is at crossroads as far as food security is concerned. The mode of production can be galvanized by adopting the modern technology like GMO at one hand with utmost care render to safe guard the
The GM-regulation game – the case of Hungary
Hungary, this small and open economy with limited natural resources, tries to build its future on creativity and innovation. At the same time, the country has declared in its basic law a categorical