The Labor Market Impact of Immigration: Job Creation versus Job Competition

  title={The Labor Market Impact of Immigration: Job Creation versus Job Competition},
  author={Christoph Albert},
Table A.1: Educational attainment of undocumented immigrants across datasets, 2012-2013 Pew file Borjas method CPS March CPS March CPS Basic < High school (%) 42 39.5 40.2 High school (%) 28.8 26.9 26.2 Some college (%) 13.2 13.5 13.3 College (%) 16 20.1 20.3 % of population 5.4 5.7 5.8 Notes: Following Borjas (2017) the statistics are calculated using a sample of individuals aged 20-64 from the years 2012-2013. The statistics from the Pew file are taken from Borjas (2017, Table 1). 
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