The LISP 2 programming language and system

  title={The LISP 2 programming language and system},
  author={Paul W. Abrahams and Jeffrey A. Barnett and Erwin Book and Donna Firth and Stanley L. Kameny and Clark Weissman and Lowell Hawkinson and Michael I. Levin and Robert A. Saunders},
  booktitle={AFIPS Fall Joint Computing Conference},
LISP 2 is a new programming language designed for use in problems that require manipulation of highly complex data structures as well as lengthy arithmetic operations. Presently implemented on the AN/FSQ--32V computer at the System Development Corporation in Santa Monica, California, LISP 2 has two components: the language itself, and the programming system in which it is embedded. The system programs that define the language are accessible to and modifiable by the user; thus the user has an… CONTINUE READING