The L-amino acid oxidase of Neurospora.

  title={The L-amino acid oxidase of Neurospora.},
  author={P S Thayer and Norman H. Horowitz},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={192 2},
In 1944 one of us described a n-amino acid oxidase in extracts of Neurospora crassa (1). Except for slight activity against L-glutamate, no oxidation of L-amino acids was observed. Recently a means for inducing the formation of a soluble L-amino acid oxidase by the mold was reported by Bender, Krebs, and Hor0wit.z (2). This is accomplished by reducing the biotin content of the basal medium (3) from the 5 y per liter usually employed to 0.25 y per liter. When cultured in such a medium… CONTINUE READING
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