The Kriegsmarine, Signals Intelligence and the Development of the B-Dienst Before the Second World War

  title={The Kriegsmarine, Signals Intelligence and the Development of the B-Dienst Before the Second World War},
  author={Marcus Faulkner},
  journal={Intelligence and National Security},
  pages={521 - 546}
  • Marcus Faulkner
  • Published 2010
  • Political Science
  • Intelligence and National Security
Abstract This article explores the development of the Kriegsmarine's signals intelligence service, the B-Dienst, and its role in operational planning prior to 1939. It challenges the prevalent view that the Kriegsmarine had little interest in intelligence gathering and contends that the naval leadership understood the implications and possibilities of this new intelligence source. By employing hitherto unused source material the article demonstrates how the B-Dienst was systematically protected… Expand
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For the background to Luftwaffe sigint see, Horst Boog
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