The Korean Wave (Hallyu) in East Asia: A Comparison of Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese Audiences Who Watch Korean TV Dramas*

  title={The Korean Wave (Hallyu) in East Asia: A Comparison of Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese Audiences Who Watch Korean TV Dramas*},
  author={Jonghoe Yang},
  journal={Development and Society},
The major purpose of this study is to find out what factors are responsible for Hallyu, the flow and popularity of Korean popular cultural products in East Asia, and which direction Hallyu is heading for. To do this, recent structural and institutional changes in the region are examined and the 2008 EASS data analyzed. Opening up of the cultural market and development of the mass media industry, especially television, laid the ground for Hallyu in East Asia. The 2008 EASS data reveal that… 

The returning of Hallyu in China: transnational reception of the Korean drama My Love from the Star

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My Love from the Star, the hit Korean drama has led to the revival of the Hallyu boom in China in 2013. After conducting a textual analysis of 100 reviews on Douban, the results of this study

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Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu Tampere University of Applied Sciences Degree Programme in Media VASILEIA TOLOU: Sustaining the Hallyu International Social Media Promotion and Buzz for South Korean


The exponential growth in the popularity of Korean pop cultural products across the globe known as Hallyu wave has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. At times when the geographic boundaries

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The spread of South Korean popular culture across the globe, known as the Korean Wave, has signalled a significant challenge towards the traditional one-way flow of media culture. This study applies

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The recent globalization in Korea was forced by the 1997 economic crisis and subsequent IMF-mandated neoliberal reform, which has prompted patriotism, concern with national identity and nationalism.


This article explores the ways in which East Asian countries approach and understand the transnational flows of Korean cultural products. Specifically, it examines newspaper discourses from Korea,

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